AKDAŞ CHEMISTRY, was established in July 1992 and maintaining the manufacturing of Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate, growing year by year.

The main objective of AKDAŞ CHEMISTRY is to maintain production according to international quality standards.

Export volume, which is mainly to European and Middle East countries, represents a highly proportion of the annual total production.

Every step of MSH production, is supervised with utmost care by the quality control technicians. The basic aim of quality control at this stage is to provide high fidelity for quality certificates for each bag.

Material is presented to domestic and international market in various packaging options, to meet the particular needs of diverse and users. Specifically, packaging options are:
In 25 kg capacity polyethylene inside (PE), polypropylene outside (PP) bags, either in loose or palletised and authomatically stretch wrapped type.
In 1000 kg or 1250 kg capacity big bags.
Due to the fact that has a high purity and quality, our material is
widely used and preferred by the EC Fertilizer manufacturers in Turkey as well as those in European and Middle East countries and the detergent and the cosmetic material manufacturing companies both domestic and foreign.

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